You Vote, I Drink - Card game with 300 funny playing cards


Discover now "You Vote, I Drink", a card game in which the fun is at its maximum. All you have to do is take a few moments to relax and enjoy all that this interactive game has to offer, which is a perfect opportunity to get to know your friends even better, in terms of questions and spicy votes.
Are you ready? Find out who voted for whom and discover the hilarious truth behind your friendships.

The game is based on 300 cards, each card having a question that players have to answer and vote upon themselves

Recommended age

Main features
The game is designed for at least 3 players over the age of 18 - the more players there are, the longer and more exciting the game will be - the recommended number is around 10 people to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Be prepared to be left with a lot of drinking and many people who will be "punished" with shots

Share different stories - the votes will raise questions about certain people, which will also accentuate the deeper need to know certain experiences

Make this game a reason to meet more often - even after the first try, you and your friends will love it and look forward to the next moment to get to know each other and reveal new things.

Play from anywhere - The game box has a comfortable size to be carried anywhere. The game does not require special care or storage, so you can pick it up wherever you decide to meet.

Warning - in order not to have less pleasant moments, this game this game is recommended only to those who have a strong personality and don't get easily offended.

Rules and instructions:
All players will sit in a circle. On each turn, a player draws a card and reads aloud to the whole group the question on that card. After everyone has heard and understood the question written on the card, all the players vote for the person they consider the question fits the most. The player with the most votes will have to drink a shot and keep the card. He will not have to do anything special with it, he will only collect each card. Each card is a point and the one who will collect the most points will get at the end of the game the title of "President of the drunkards ". The one who draws and reads the first card is also the first to be given the right to start voting and has to justify his choice in order to be able to influence the other players. Each person must clearly argue their vote for a particular player, and whoever gets the most votes becomes the winner of a shot and a point. If the votes are tied, those who have been voted must motivate well the answers for which they deserve the vote, and the players deliberate, and then voting has to be done again.
So, do you trust your friends and the votes they will give you? Get ready for unforgettable moments!

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If you want friend gatherings that will be filled with laughter, funny moments and joy, this is the game that should be played at all parties.

The game includes: 125 cards with pictures and funny challenges + 1 instructions card


Would you rather... aims to get to know those close to you better by giving answers to the questions on the cards. You can really discover your family or friends by playing this game, through which things will come to the surface that you certainly did not know before.
If you are looking for a game where the sense of humor predominates, then get ready with the napkins next to you because you will wipe away your tears from so much laughter! But watch out! The questions in this game are 18+ and may contain words unsuitable for people below.

Los Drunkos, Competitive Party Boardgame for Adults, Drinking Game, 2-7 players Los Drunkos, Competitive Party Boardgame for Adults, Drinking Game, 2-7 players
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€29.75 €35.00

“Los Drunkos” transforms your typical board game style into a whole new experience, where players enter a refreshing race to victory “differently”. It will be a hilarious night full of hysterically funny challenges and outrageous questions. This adventure will have you rolling with laughter, waking up in the morning thinking you’ve been doing a plank all night due to your abs being so incredibly sore. You will be losing any inhibitions throughout the game, having fun, drinking, and getting into all kinds of shenanigans. It will most certainly be a night for the “books”.


    "Drunk on Laughter" is a party game for people who can't keep a serious face.
    150 cards of hilarious prompts to make you laugh, and then make you smile.
    When you're turning, do what the card says and don't hold back!
    If someone collapses when dancing or suddenly parkour runs around you, then can you keep your face straight? Keep your face straight or face up!
    "Drunk on Laughter" can be played with or without a drink, it is intended for entertainment purposes only.