Would you rather... - Impossible decisions Edition, 300 funny playing cards


Would you rather... aims to get to know those close to you better by giving answers to the questions on the cards. You can really discover your family or friends by playing this game, through which things will come to the surface that you certainly did not know before.
If you are looking for a game where the sense of humor predominates, then get ready with the napkins next to you because you will wipe away your tears from so much laughter! But watch out! The questions in this game are 18+ and may contain words unsuitable for people below.

The game contains 300 questions to get those close to you to tell truths you would never have thought of.

Recommended age

Main features
The game is for people over the age of 18 and can be played by 2 or more players - the more people there are, the more interactive the game and the more fun
The time for this game is 120-180 minutes, maybe more if you let your imagination loose.
It is a card game for adults in which you will find obscene and twisted questions
A perfect opportunity to get to know your family, friends or partner better
Great for parties, game nights and many other social gatherings

Maximum replayability - thanks to the variety of cards, you can replay with a myriad of possibilities. After you went through the entire game, you can replay by using the first half of a question from one card, and the second half from another random card.

Simple rules, easy to learn - instructions included

Most of the books were written based on dark humor, so if there are people among the participants who can't cope with these types of jokes, they are advised not to get involved so as not to risk the opposite of what the game is about. , namely a lot of laughter and fun

Game specially developed for people who like to always have a smile on their face and do not want to take life too seriously, focusing on insignificant details

Rules and instructions:
This is the game of crazy, difficult or rather impossible choices, so all you have to do is vote on what kind of dilemma you prefer, of course, theoretically speaking. It causes players to argue with one another about the decisions, and each has to present some pertinent arguments for making that choice, and the other participants choose a winner. Do you think you know your friends and know what they would rather do? It all depends on how confident you are in your answer!
Each person, when they have to make a decision about one of the cards, has to argue the chosen option. Everyone argues, one by one, and in the end the group votes on who had the best arguments of all. The one who received the public vote wins a round, and those who remain have to take a shot to be more inspired by what follows.
At the same time, if a question seems unclear, raising certain question marks, additional questions can be asked, and players can confirm whether or not they accept them. For example, if the question is "Would you rather get stuck in a room or get lost in a forest?" you can ask: "is it day or night?". Thus, after that, the participants decide whether the additions are relevant or not and must be kept to make a difference in the decision making.

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