SKOL! The tough guys drinking game


If you want friend gatherings that will be filled with laughter, funny moments and joy, this is the game that should be played at all parties.

The game includes: 125 cards with pictures and funny challenges + 1 instructions card

Language: English

Recommended age: 18+

Main characteristics:

Simple rules which make playing the game easier and you don’t have to struggle with
complicated, long sheets of instructions.

           Minimum number of players: 2 players

           A ton of funny challenges that will test your limits and will bring a lot of laughter among
            your friends.  

           Guaranteed fun!

           Long lasting and high-quality cards!

Infinite fun!

This game is designed for ADULTS ONLY and it is ideal to bring it with you at parties or friend gathering! You will experience bold challenges, drink a lot of shots and face various funny and weird situations. So, bring together all your dear friends, choose a fine drink or a very cheap one and get ready for the best party ever!

Fast rhythm:

Luckily, the rules of this game are extremely simple and easy. So, instead of reading tons and tons of pages filled with complicated instructions, you can very easily and quickly start playing these unique challenges. There are various types of cards, which makes each session different and unpredictable. This game requires at least 2 players and can last between 25 minutes or 1 hour or…even 2! If you have enjoyed it or if you need a boost for drinking more, shuffle the cards and start the game all over!

The perfect gift:

It is an ideal gift for any person that loves socializing, enjoys time spend with friends and unusual ways of having fun. The cards are high-quality; the package is compact which means it fits easily in a pocket so the fun time is guaranteed. You can take this game at any friend gathering or at any surprise party!




How to win?

If you can stand at the end of the game without losing your balance, you can consider yourself a winner. This game has been designed to loosen up the atmosphere and to help the players lose inhibitions. You will end up drinking a considerable amount of alcohol and you will be put face to face with ridiculous situations, but you will not be the only one! The winner of this game is the player who will drink the smaller number of shots…if you can keep count of them! The challenges are so funny that they will instantly make you burst into laughter even if you decided to play using plain water!

How to play?

The game contains a black card – the Bonus Card – that represents a challenge that must be established prior starting the game. Choose a judge from the participating players or from the other people that choose not to play the game. The Judge will solve possible misunderstandings.

Shuffle the cards and place them on the table in a deck facing down. Clockwise, each player must draw a card from the deck and follow the instructions written on it. The first player will be the person whose birthday is first! The played cards must be placed face up in a different deck.

The cards are divided into five categories based on their colour:

Orange – Activity Card – challenges that you will have to fulfill.

Green – Ability Card – it gives you special abilities during the game.

Blue – Curse Card – it will create problems for you along the way.

Yellow – Secret Card – challenges that should be kept a secret from all the other players.

Red – Decree Cards – it has a consequence for all players.


This game is based on drinking alcohol. It is not recommended to minors! You can choose any type of alcohol and the shot glasses can be filled with a quantity of your choice (one shot = one small glass with an alcoholic beverage).

As an alternative, the shots can be replaced with points. Each shot equals one point. The player with most points will lose the game. Of course, you can also use non-alcoholic beverages but who would actually want this?

Enjoy the time spent with your friends, drink responsibly and don’t forget to take a taxi back home!



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