Knowing you better - 300 questions and initiators for a captivating conversation for couples


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Knowing you better - 300 questions and initiators for a captivating conversation for couples who want to strengthen their relationship, romance, trust, openness and vulnerability. It is designed for both him and her. Ask the questions to each other, and take turns answering.

Whether you are on your first romantic date or have been dating for a long time, but want to rekindle your relationship, this card pack contains inspirational conversation ideas that will make you wonder if you know each other as well as you thought you would. The game will revive the intimate spark in the relationship and make you fall in love again with each other.

The game is designed to spark passionate, curious and deep conversations that will continue for hours. It encourages you to speak the truth openly and to share your plans for the future. With this package you will strengthen your relationship while learning a lot more about each other, at a deeper level. Sure you want to know your half better, but sometimes you don't know how or don't know what questions to ask, maybe it's not the right time or you've missed the opportunity to do it in the past. This game allows you to do all this easier than ever, on an emotional and intimate level, in ways you never imagined. It is a guide to a healthier and happier relationship.

Game rules:
There is no wrong way to play, but we recommend that you be in an intimate place, at home or while having dinner in the city, alone. Set your phones aside, turn off your TV, and use this set of cards to warm up your relationship. You will laugh together and discover new things about each other that will connect you to a deeper level.

Draw one card at a time, then read the question to the other person and see where the conversation will lead. Allow them time to think of an answer, and if they need more time to come up with one, they can come back to the question later. Do not rush to answer, penetrate deep into your soul until you discover an answer from straight the heart. A simple, short answer will only show disinterest and raise the emotional distance between you two. Your goal is to build a strong relationship. After your other half answers the question, it's your turn to answer.

Elaborate the answers. Your other half doesn't know your whole life-story and how you developed and formed yourself into giving such an answer, that's why: go into detail! If you deviate from the original question, it is not a problem. This is the purpose of the game, to provoke deep and long conversations. You will be amazed at how far you can go. Take the first step in strengthening your relationship. You are on the right track to becoming better together.

During the game, you open your souls to each other. Don't judge the answers. Whether you like the answer or not, the ultimate goal of the game is to learn new things about each other so that you can identify hidden needs, reciprocally, and ways you can help improve the relationship.

These questions are designed to help you get to know each other better, so be prepared to be open, vulnerable, and uncomfortable. It's worth it. The more you talk, the more your relationship will grow to a new level.

If there are questions that you already know the answer to, let your partner answer them anyway. Who knows what new things you will discover together and what other topics of conversation the questions will lead to.
If you come up with extra ideas or ways to improve the questions, personalize them to your relationship and add follow-up questions!
Here is an example:
"What is your favorite food? Why? When did you first eat it?" The question may sound trivial, but have you ever wondered on a deeper and more emotional level about it? You can develop the question in various ways, such as: who cooked it for the first time, how he felt when he ate it, if they would like you to cook that food for them.

In this game we encourage deep and spiritual connections. Every answer must come from the depths of the soul and must be fully elaborated. Maybe you already know the answer to one question, but to the other 299? Would your other half still know how to answer these questions? They are bi-directional, meant for both of you to respond to.
From such a simple question, a very long conversation can arise and you may not even get another card, because you deviate from the question in dozens of other conversations.

We are the direct producers of this game. Why do we think you'll like this game? We played similar couple games and we felt they were missing something. That's why we improved them for us and we managed to break down the communication barriers. Now, we thought of making them public and helping other couples rediscover their love and strengthen their connection with their other half.

Feelings you will experience:

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