Legendary Love - The most erotic board game for couples, with 90+ challenging & naughty tasks, with erotic graphics


Legendary Love – An Erotic Competition for Ages 18 and up
Language: English (or English Edition)
Number of Players: 2

- 95 cards with detailed erotic pictures and tasks
- 2 game pieces
- 1 dice
- 1 game board
- Rules & instructions

**Made from rigid, durable materials.

Have fun with this inventive new board game which provides a setting where lovers are sensually pitted against each other bringing immense pleasure to one another. Winning this game means, you will be rewarded with erotic pleasures provided by your significant other.

This game is paved with sensual and exciting challenges along the way. Our game provides 95 cards containing unique, sexual, and especially exciting challenges, accompanied by erotic illustrations for guidance.
Part one of our board game is considered to be FOREPLAY. The challenges within this part of the game are designed to heat up any atmosphere and prepare you for what is to ‘come’ (no pun intended?!).
Part two of our board game will expose couples to new and erotic ways to tease one another, getting each other excited and racing towards the goal.
Part three of our board game will have couples “in heat”, at the peak of ecstasy, ready to conquer all and by any means necessary to reach the end and to collect the highly anticipated prize: an orgasm; enhanced by exciting foreplay, provided by seductively presented cards and erotic challenges.
All challenges will be randomly drawn, guaranteeing a new, unique, and interesting experience.
We highly recommend our board game to ALL couples. Not only will it facilitate the process of discovering each other when newly dating, but it will also help long-term couples spice things up by adding to their arsenal of sexual practices and rejuvenating the heat between the sheets.

“Legendary Love – The Erotic Competition” is a creative and challenging method to ignite and rejuvenate your love for one another. You could also consider this game to be an actual “manual of pleasures”. A unique gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife that will provide new ways to experience mutual desires, uncover what was hidden, and assist with trying out new and naughty things behind closed doors.
An unusual gift, designed to rekindle the flames of desire and arouse unimaginable curiosity.
Our game will extend the longevity of a couple's passion, whether you have been together short- or long-term.
Married life is special. Monotony will set in eventually, causing problems within one's marriage. Typically, after a few years, one's imagination begins to decrease, yet craving some "spice" behind closed doors remains rooted within the depths of our deprived minds. Our game can help bring those abandoned pleasures and desires to light, comfortably yet provocatively.
Love is beautiful. Love needs to be expressed, not withheld and hidden away.

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Reasons why you should buy this game:
- It is the perfect solution to eliminate any monotony of married life and rekindle the passion between you.
- It is a unique gift you can enjoy with your partner.
- It contains authentic, funny, and inspiring challenges that will strengthen your relationship and lead you even closer to each other.
- Because this game was invented by a couple and not a major corporation, you can rest assured that all challenges have been created and tested with utmost thought and passion for achieving the best results.
- If you play the game to the very end, you will reap the benefit of permanent changes within your relationship accompanied by a more romantic lifestyle.
- It can be replayed anytime and is an excellent source for future romantic ideas.


The set contains 100 vouchers, in a quality box. Shuffle all the vouchers together and share half of them with your partner. After each voucher is completed, add it back to the box. Once all of them have been used up, shuffle them and use them again! This time each of you will most likely receive different vouchers!


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