50 Days of Romance - A game with 50 romantic challenges to create a journey of love


The perfect gift for your boyfriend/husband, girlfriend/wife. Everyone desires more love, and one will never tire of having too much of it.

Reasons why you should buy this game:
- It is the perfect solution to eliminate any monotony of married life and rekindle the passion between you.
- It is a unique gift you can enjoy with your partner.
- It contains authentic, funny, and inspiring challenges that will strengthen your relationship and lead you even closer to each other.
- Because this game was invented by a couple and not a major corporation, you can rest assured that all challenges have been created and tested with utmost thought and passion for achieving the best results.
- If you play the game to the very end, you will reap the benefit of permanent changes within your relationship accompanied by a more romantic lifestyle.
- It can be replayed anytime and is an excellent source for future romantic ideas.

Create your own love story. Journey through 50 days of romance with your partner!

Do you feel like romance has completely evaded your relationship? Do you want to rekindle the flame of passion, rediscover your better half and explore new realms of love and lust together? Do you want to eliminate monotony and spend quality time with your loved one? Are you looking for a unique gift? Then you have come to the right place!

This game is the perfect gift for your partner. You will both enjoy many challenges and romantic surprises and be especially intrigued by the outcome. As a result, your relationship will improve tremendously, and your bond will become stronger, leading to a much better understanding of one another.

“50 Days of Romance“ is the perfect tool for couples who feel like they have arrived at a dead end in their relationship, who need some assistance or a little push to move to the next level, or for couples who would like to add some dynamic to their daily lives. Our game contains a series of complex, fun, and exciting challenges designed to draw you closer to your partner and show you that there are many things you can enjoy together that you have most likely not thought of until now. This game was created and tested by a couple. It really works! However, you must be willing to step outside your comfort zone and accept the challenges in this game. Trust the process!

Our game contains:
- 50 Challenge Cards for Her
- 50 Challenge Cards for Him
- Fun and engaging mini-games
- One appendix for each player (contains additional ideas, suggestions, and other surprises)
- A bonus surprise for Day 51.

We have developed the challenges of this game to help strengthen your relationship, improve communication, increase the excitement within your bedroom, and gain a better understanding of one another. You will get to surprise each other daily and will find new ways to create happiness for your loved one. Could you accomplish this all on your own by searching endlessly on the internet? Sure! With the same results? Most likely not. We all know that it can prove quite tricky to be consistent and remain motivated when it comes to all matters of the heart. Therefore, we were happy to take on this challenge for you by creating this game. We have developed all the necessary tools for you and your loved one. Simply play and allow for this powerful process of transformation to take form! Follow the rules and make it a priority to complete the challenges.

You can play this game at any age, whether you’ve been married for 20 years or are in the early stages of a new relationship. Whether you live in a big city or a quaint little town in the mountains does not matter. And, of course, you can always replay it. All that matters is that you live together, as most challenges cannot be executed remotely. So, if you are in a long-distance relationship, wait until you get to spend time together and then play!

Below you will find a brief overview of the rules of the game. Each player has a set of 50 cards at their disposal, each containing the daily surprise challenge for the opposing player. You will also find an appendix listing additional explanations, ideas, and suggestions for playing the game. Each player will get to draw a card every day (cards are numbered by days). So, on Day 1, you will draw the card with the number 1; on Day 2, the card with the number 2, and so on. Both players will always draw the card with the same number. Make sure to read the appendix and tackle the challenge(s) presented for that day. Neither one of you will know which challenge your partner has drawn. There will be a new surprise for each player every single day! In addition, at the end of each day, you will benefit from one of the 50 relationship tip cards available, which you will get to analyze and discuss before bed. How fun! We have various unique experiences in store for you, and besides creating daily surprises, you will also learn many new things about each other.

There is no need to spend much extra money to play this game. We suggest buying certain materials (at minimal cost) for some challenges, but it’s really not necessary to complete the game. Even though you will encounter countless joyful moments, please note that this journey will not always be easy. Some of our challenges will push you outside your comfort zone, as you will experience things you’ve not experienced before. It might even cause you to go beyond your

While on your journey through the realm of romance, you will also have a series of mini-games at your disposal. These are actual excerpts from other relationship games that we have developed. They will provide further assistance in getting to know your significant other on a deeper and more intimate level while keeping it fun and entertaining. The attached appendix has many valuable tips and ideas that will notably support you and your partner throughout this transformation process. You will never feel alone. You will always have our support just in case you run out of ideas and need a little more inspiration.

The end of this game marks a new level within your relationship. You will have learned many new things about your partner through this process. Your relationship/marriage will have entered a more dynamic, spontaneous, and exciting stage. The changes accomplished by playing this game will last for a long time. Enjoy this new era!

If, however, you feel that your marriage needs another little push or motivation a few years down the road, the game can and should be played again. The only difference this time is that you will draw the cards randomly, not in order. So, if you ever need a little spice added to an evening, grab this game, pick a card, and let the fun begin!

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