Legendary Love - The Sexiest Erotic Couples Game: 66 Playing Cards (with 80+ Fun, Challenging & Naughty Dares)


SPICE UP YOUR SEX LIFE - This game isn’t like other erotic games out there that were created by companies who are trying to GUESS what you want. This was created for those of us who are adventurous. Those of us who like to have fun in life with our significant other. And those of us who are open minded and TRULY want to please our partner.

      AVOID AWKWARD TALKS - Give in to your desires, without having to mention them! Everyone has at least one fetish they’re too embarrassed to tell ANYONE. This is the perfect icebreaker because it will have you doing your favorite kinky fetish without even having to talk about it. No judgments - just a fun, experimenting environment.

     THRILLING & MYSTERIOUS CHALLENGES - Do not read the challenges before playing so you don’t know what to expect. There are no boring challenges like massages or showering together, only what would stimulate your curiosity and excitement. At the end of the game, the loser performs the challenges described in the cards (but the loser never shows the cards to the winner). Surprise the winner - You can even combo them together... Just get creative!

    EXPLORE YOUR SECRET DESIRES - Designed with a wild imagination, the challenges can be tried again and again with different combos every time you play. With so much replay value, you will constantly discover something new about each other! It’s perfect for both genders to equally be challenged - Both of you will want to win, so be ready for it to be competitive! The main rule of the game? The loser MUST go all the way with what’s on the cards!

   REDISCOVER YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER & REKINDLE YOUR DESIRE - This game was created by my boyfriend and I - a COUPLE just like you. Only a couple can understand what other couples need. We wanted a game that was fun, daring and challenging. One you’ll never know how it ends! And this is it. So, drink some wine, set the scene with some candlelight and play… Begin as competitors, finish together.

It’s hard to find an opportunity to talk about our dirty desires. So, we created the perfect way to experience them, WITHOUT talking about it.

If you want to rekindle your fading flame in a super fun way without any awkwardness, this is how.


Well, this game isn’t like others that were created by companies just trying to GUESS what you need.

My boyfriend and I wanted a FUN game. But also a daring and challenging one! One that would get us excited before every date night. But we couldn’t find it ANYWHERE.

So, we made our own! That’s what makes it so different - It was created by a couple for other couples.

But we didn’t just want to create something for our own fantasies. So, we did extensive research both online AND offline to ensure we created the perfect game for open minded couples. And we didn’t stop there. We constantly tested our game to make sure we made the BEST couples game possible.

If you’re a woman like me, you might have second thoughts about such a risqué game. Well, let me tell you: your man will feel like LUCKIEST guy ever for having a girlfriend that is not only daring and exciting, but also proactive in the relationship. That is RARE.

If you’re a guy, trust me. You will LOVE playing this with your girlfriend - and so will she. I can attest to that. After trying it she will thank you for it!

Just imagine yourself with your partner... Both stripped down to your underwear, sitting face-to-face with only a card set between you. As you play, you read the challenges on your cards… You start imaging yourself receiving those acts… By now you’re really turned on and so is your partner!

Now, you must win! That’s how you’ll make those fantasies come true ????

The loser must perform the challenges of the cards they end with (and the winner can’t know what they are!).

You can even combo the challenges together. You’ll never know how it ends and you can play it over and over

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Consisting of 400 of the most serious and funniest questions, this game guarantees a successful and adventurous outcome of any escapades you will experience while playing our game. The perfect game for a Friday night snuggled up on the couch, when going out on the town just seems far too tiring, yet you’d still like to add a little spice to your evening spent together.


Reasons why you should buy this game:
- It is the perfect solution to eliminate any monotony of married life and rekindle the passion between you.
- It is a unique gift you can enjoy with your partner.
- It contains authentic, funny, and inspiring challenges that will strengthen your relationship and lead you even closer to each other.
- Because this game was invented by a couple and not a major corporation, you can rest assured that all challenges have been created and tested with utmost thought and passion for achieving the best results.
- If you play the game to the very end, you will reap the benefit of permanent changes within your relationship accompanied by a more romantic lifestyle.
- It can be replayed anytime and is an excellent source for future romantic ideas.


Our sex game "Battleship of Love" is the perfect romantic wedding anniversary or birthday gift, filled with playful ideas for sensual foreplay and other intimate activities.


The set contains 100 vouchers, in a quality box. Shuffle all the vouchers together and share half of them with your partner. After each voucher is completed, add it back to the box. Once all of them have been used up, shuffle them and use them again! This time each of you will most likely receive different vouchers!