Fun times for 2


Our “Fun times 2” is a super fun game, specifically designed for couples who love to spend lots of time together.

Consisting of 400 of the most serious and funniest questions, this game guarantees a successful and adventurous outcome of any escapades you will experience while playing our game. The perfect game for a Friday night snuggled up on the couch, when going out on the town just seems far too tiring, yet you’d still like to add a little spice to your evening spent together.

Traveling by car to the ocean, the mountains, the moon, or another galaxy can be tiring and, more than anything, boring. Our game will change that. You can play this game even during long hours of driving and will be surprised at how quickly time will pass while having lots of fun. Hop in the car in London and 236 questions later you will have arrived in Glasgow.

Suitable for all couples. Are you the life of the party? Are you shy and introverted? Have fun with our game! It is the perfect entertainment for any personality type, as it involves both serious and super fun questions.

It is always helpful to have a topic of conversation. When you've been together since high school, finding common interests or talking points can be a chore at times. Our game can certainly help in that aspect, as it will provide new ideas for interesting topics to discuss and engage with.

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Reasons why you should buy this game:
- It is the perfect solution to eliminate any monotony of married life and rekindle the passion between you.
- It is a unique gift you can enjoy with your partner.
- It contains authentic, funny, and inspiring challenges that will strengthen your relationship and lead you even closer to each other.
- Because this game was invented by a couple and not a major corporation, you can rest assured that all challenges have been created and tested with utmost thought and passion for achieving the best results.
- If you play the game to the very end, you will reap the benefit of permanent changes within your relationship accompanied by a more romantic lifestyle.
- It can be replayed anytime and is an excellent source for future romantic ideas.


Our sex game "Battleship of Love" is the perfect romantic wedding anniversary or birthday gift, filled with playful ideas for sensual foreplay and other intimate activities.


The set contains 100 vouchers, in a quality box. Shuffle all the vouchers together and share half of them with your partner. After each voucher is completed, add it back to the box. Once all of them have been used up, shuffle them and use them again! This time each of you will most likely receive different vouchers!